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Haloperidol Information

*New* Referral criteria and forms for dietetic services in Bournemouth, Poole, Purbeck, Christchurch & East Dorset GP Localities

*New* Care Home information on dietetic services in Bournemouth, Poole, Purbeck, Christchurch & East Dorset GP Localities

Prescribing of oral nutrition (sip feeds)

NICE Guidance

Primary care prescription security audit

SystmOne guides

Electronic prescribing

Guidance on requests for prescriptions from appliance contractors

Patient information leaflets and alert cards

Drug safety topics

Wound care

Changes to GPs and non-medical prescribers working in your practice

Other local guidance

Continence formulary

Accessing prescribing information on the move

The BNF, BNFC, Pan-Dorset Antibiotic Formulary (adopted from Hampshire & Isle of Wight guidelines) & NICE Guidelines are now available as FREE apps which can also be downloaded onto your Apple, Blackberry or Android device via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, the apps can be run without an internet connection meaning that professionals can access the contents wherever they are. The Pan-Dorset formulary is enabled for mobile use and can be bookmarked to your screen. Currently this is only accessible from 3G or Wifi, however an app is being worked on currently and due for release 2014. Download a poster to display in your GP practice to highlight the available online resources.

ePFIP data is moving to the Information Services Portal

The Electronic Prescribing & Financial Information for Practices (ePFIP) system, provided by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), has been decommissioned. From April 2014, GP practices should use the Information Services Portal. The NHS BSA have been contacting all the users who were registered to use the ePFIP system, to ensure that they can continue to access the information, by signing up for the Information Services Portal. A fact sheet has been published, giving advice on accessing the Portal. The NHS BSA will also be running a number of “Webex” sessions starting in May 2014 to give new users a better understanding of the functionality of the system and what is available. For more information, visit the NHS BSA website