Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

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What is the Traffic Light Scheme (TLS)?

The “traffic light” system defines where responsibility for prescribing between primary and secondary care should lie through categorising individual drugs as red, amber or green. 

The “traffic light” system provides a framework for defining where clinical and therefore prescribing responsibility should lie through categorisation of individual drugs. The “traffic light” system is intended to provide a framework to consider the clinical responsibility and competency associated with the prescribing of a medicine and is not based on the cost of a medication.

The list is advisory only (and can be changed by Dorset Medicines Advisory Group (DMAG) on request) but its existence should clarify expectations of prescribing responsibility.

The DMAG recognises that there are some medicines with unresolved ‘traffic light status’ and others where prescribers may have concerns or disagreements arising from the reclassification of medicines. Please raise these issues with the formulary pharmacists of the employing Trust or the CCG senior pharmacists. The formulary pharmacists and DMAG will aim to resolve the issues in a timely manner.


The "traffic light" categorisations redrafted March 2014