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Main Contact Details

For any support, further information or general enquiries please either:
Phone       01202 541604
All forms can be sent via email to the above address.
We work across two sites:
Canford House
Discovery Court
551-553 Wallisdown Road
BH12 5AG
Vespasian House
Barrack Road
RA Manager          Steve Howes


Dorset RA Function - is run by Dorset CCG for the CCG, Primary Care Practices and Dorset Pharmacies
The senior responsible officer on the NHS Dorset CCG board, for the RA function, is the Chief Finance Officer.

An NHS Smartcard is needed in order to access most of the NHS clinical software. Smartcards should only be used by the individual to whom it has been issued to, and never left logged onto an unattended machine. This site is designed to provided material to assist in understanding the processes around Smartcard issue and management.

The Smartcard FAQ page may answer your queries.

The national RA Process Guidance is available on the NHS Digital Website the document name is

The RA Process guidance clearly explains your responsibilities as an RAA or Sponsor

The RA Function Local Process and Policies document is the local implementation of the RA Process guidance.
Stolen, lost or missused cards must be reported to the Smartcard Support Desk immediately using either the direct phone number 01202 541604 or an email to

I am a Smartcard User (or need to be)

Click here for a smartcard user leaflet. This contains useful information about use of your card and some "how to" information when things go wrong.

How to get a Smartcard?

If you work within a practice - Please see your local Registration Authority Agent for the practice, who will ask you to complete a form, check your ID and then request the Smartcard for you.

If you are a locum GP – Contact the Smartcard Support Team by email - who will advise you of the process.

If you work within the CCG - Contact the Smartcard Support Team by email - who will advise you of the process.

If you work within a Pharmacy - You will need to complete one or both of the CIS Forms - Request Create User (Sponsor) and Create New User (RAA if you have one). These forms, along with instructions can be found in the Community Pharmacy Assistance section below.

CIS can be accessed via the Spine Portal. CIS will be an option on the menu "Launch CIS care identity Service".

All PC's should have the portal link as a shortcut.

All staff when using their Smartcard will be able to access CIS. They will have access to update the demographic info on their own profile, check the certificate expiry date, reset their own password and also access the Terms and Conditions of Smartcard use.

RA Agents will have full access to all the functions such as creating and amending user access. All Smartcard functions can be done in one place.

How do I unlock my Smartcard?

If you work within a practice - Please see your local Registration Authority Agent for the practice, who will unlock your Smartcard with you using CIS.

If you are a locum GP - Contact the Smartcard Support Team who will advise you of the process or contact the next practice at which you are next working at, they will be able to unlock this for you.

If you work within the CCG - Contact the Smartcard Support Team who will advise you of the process.

If you work within a pharmacy - A Pharmacist, a Sponsor or the Registration Authority Agent at your pharmacy should be able to unlock your card using CIS. Instructions for the Pharmacist are in the Community Pharmacy Assistance section below.

Pharmacist Assistance

Under the Smartcard system (CIS) it is possible for RA Agents, Sponsors and Pharmacists to unlock cards and renew certificates.

Click PC Requirements to read or download document explaining what is required on a PC to be able to unlock Smartcards.

Pharmacies may now have two people within their organisation, one to act as Sponsor (Mandatory) and one to act as a Registration Authority Agent (RAA).

Sponsors will be responsible for ensuring that a person in their area is suitable to have a Smartcard and they must also agree what level of access that person should have (e.g. Pharmacist, Dispenser etc.). They should complete the Request Create User form below. Every Pharmacy must have a Sponsor. Note we will not be able to create new card, amend card details or add access to a users card for a new pharmacy without Sponsorship from that pharmacy.

Registration Authority Agents will be responsible for undertaking the mandatory identity checks and should complete the Create User form below. Only RAA’s can undertake identity checks and a person cannot be both a Sponsor and a RAA. For pharmacies that have Sponsors already they will need to establish an RAA at their organisation. The alternative will be that the Sponsor can continue to sponsor staff but until they have their own RAA the applicants will need to attend a Dorset CCG location to have their ID checks done in person by one of our RAA’s at Dorset CCG.

For those pharmacies who do not have either a Sponsor or a RAA they can send CIS RA forms for us to sponsor new applicants if they are are on the General Pharmaceutical Council Register, however, the applicant will have to attend Dorset CCG for ID checks. We are unable to sponsor staff that are not on this register, therefore the organisation MUST establish a Sponsor to get cards for Dispensers or Technicians who are not on any register we can check.

If you want to be an RAA for your pharmacy read the RAA briefing document and then sign and send the RAA Acceptance of Terms to the

Pharmacy ID checks - The NHS Digital site which is shown above gives help on what ID information is relevant.

If you want to be Sponsor for your pharmacy read the Sponsor briefing document and then sign and send the Sponsor Acceptance of Terms to the


Smartcard Forms

All the forms required for Smartcard creation and modification are listed below.

These form can be completed, scanned and emailed to along with a photo if required.

Please note that on the request forms below the user ID information should be entered fully. For example the passport country, number and expiry date need to be accurate. The same is true of driving licenses. On the address ID we need the name of the company/organisation and the date it was issued, just entering "Utility Bill" is not correct. These must be dated within the last 3 months.

If you are not sure please read the ID checking instructions here. The document is called "NHS Employers Identity Checks".

CIS Form - Request Create User - This form needs to be completed by the Sponsor for the Pharmacy. This indicates that you are happy for this person to have a card and the level of access (e.g. Dispenser). If the Pharmacy has an RA Agent the form should be given to them. The RA Agent will then complete the ID checks and fill in the CIS Form - Create User. If you do not have an RA Agent then send this form directly by email to

CIS Form - Create User - When the RAA receives the "Request Create User" form from the Pharmacy Sponsor they must then complete this form. This is to record the ID checks that have been carried out by the RAA. You need to complete it fully and send to the Smartcard Support Team. If you have an RAA they will be able to complete the ID checks prior to it being sent. This will mean the user will not have to attend a Dorset CCG location to have their ID checked.

CIS Form - Modify User - This form should be used to request amendments to user details (such as name, date of birth, photo etc.) and should be fully completed and sent to the Smartcard support team for the change to be made.

CIS Form - Cancel Card - This is the form you should use when you want to cancel a smartcard when it has been lost or damaged and should be sent to us immediately.

CIS Form - Position Assignment - This form can be used to request a position be assigned to a user to allow access at your site. The same form is used to remove a users access for your pharmacy.

Training for Smartcard System (CIS) go to "Smartcard System - CIS Training Courses" below.

The national operating model makes it the responsibility of the Wessex Area Team to implement Registration Authority (RA) arrangements for Pharmacists. For pharmacies based in Dorset, they have arranged with Dorset CCG to facilitate the process.

SCR Pharmacy Access

You may be aware that from 1 April 2017, a new process for pharmacies and pharmacy staff to register for access to Summary Care Records (SCR) was introduced.

Details of the new process are outlined on the NHS Digital SCR web pages

Smartcard Unlocking

Smartcards can only be unlocked by the RA, Sponsor or Pharmacist with the specific store on their Smartcard (not locum). There are two ways in which Smartcards can be unlocked.

If the following steps on the guidance leaflet does not work, please try searching for the user in CIS, open their profile, scroll down to 'Smartcard Details' and click on the 'Service' button. Please click 'Unlock Smartcard', enter the card in to the second reader and click 'Continue'. The user must be present to enter their own password.

Smartcard Self-Service Unlock
You can now unlock your own Smartcard using the self-service portal. You must register first in order to use this service and you must have an NHSmail account. Please read the information leaflet before registering for this.
Register for an NHSmail Account
Please go to and click on 'Join NHSmail'. Then follow the instructions for Registering Community Pharmacies and Pharmacists.

Create a new Registration Authority Agent (RAA)

It is policy for all RAA’s when assigned to an RAA position at a practice, pharmacy or CCG to be trained in RAA responsibilities, ID checking responsibilities and Smartcard Management Systems (CIS).

The requester/sponsor for the new RAA must have Sponsor activity on their Smartcard (all practice RAA’s have this).

The link to the NHS Digital website which defines the ID check process and which ID documents are acceptable is at the top of this internet page.

The new RAA should read the RAA Briefing Document and complete the form that is in Appendix 1 to say they have understood the responsibilities of being an RAA. Pharmacy staff should send in via email, the scanned and signed copy of the “RAA Briefing Form”.

The Smartcard Support Team will then send an email to the requester advising them that the RAA role has been added to their smartcard and that they now need to attend the face to face training for "Registration Agent Advanced".

The email will include upcoming training dates at both our offices; Dorchester or Poole (Dorchester Office - Vespasian House, Barrack Road, DT1 1TG; Poole Office - Canford House, Discovery Court, Wallisdown Road, BH12 5AG) and information on how to book onto one of the sessions.

You will be required to attend one of the face to face training sessions. Failure to do so will result in your RAA role being removed.

Smartcard News, Top Tips and Issues for CIS

CIS - "Launch Care Identity Service" is live and can be found in the Spine Portal

If you have any issues there is a training section below which advises how CIS works. If you are still unsure how to proceed please email

CIS Tips

Certificate Renewals Issues

If the self renewal process gives an error or just keeps showing a revolving symbol, check that your Smartcard is not a series 01,02 or 03. Check the number on the reverse of your Smartcard in the bottom right hand corner, if it starts with the numerals 01,02 or 03 then you will not be able to renew it. You need to email and ask for a new card.

If it is a newer card you should try to cancel the card(not the user) and then re issue the certificates in the service section of the users profile in CIS. Finally if this does not work send an email to asking for a new card to be printed.

Smartcard Authentication Issues

If, in CIS Smartcard unlock or issue certificate function, you get the revolving arrows going round and round, this is a known national issue. The problem is related to the type of smartcard readers being used. Some card readers which are located in keyboards have this issue. The resolution is to use 2 Omnikey readers and replace the keyboard with a keyboard that does not have a smartcard reader. If you are a GP practice call Healthcare Computing on 0345 4501209 and they will help resolve the issue. Pharmacies will need to call their own IT support. If you feel able to sort the issue yourself there are two documents which may help you correct the smartcard unlocking issue:

Click here to see how you update your keyboard card reader to correct the above issue

Click here to disable your current card reader and use 2 Omnikey USB plug in card readers instead

Useful Tips

When entering ID Check information in CIS, Driving Licence Details must be entered in Capital Letters.

When you are assigning a position to a user there is a tick box below the modify position box which says “I want to self sponsor this request”, please tick this as the change will then be immediate and will not need anybody else to Sponsor the change.

CIS Smartcard Printing

When you try to “Create a new user” in CIS everything works well, you add all the details, create the profile, you can also add the position the user requires. However, when you come to try and issue the card, the system will not allow you to do this. You should ask the other RA or Sponsor to send an email to including the name, UUID and reason for print (new user) of the new Smartcard user. We will then print the Smartcard and post this to you.

When you want to send us a request to print a replacement card (damaged, stolen etc.), please email Smartcard Support and ask us to print the card for you. This does not need a second authorisation. You must let us know the reason for a new Smartcard. Please note for pharmacies all lost/stolen Smartcards need to be collected from the office in person for security reasons.

Smartcard System - CIS Training Courses

Dorset CCG run face to face training sessions for all new RAAs and Sponsors.The sessions are run at both of our offices Dorchester and Poole - Dorchester Office - Vespasian House, Barrack Road, DT1 1TG; Poole Office - Canford House, Discovery Court, Wallisdown Road, Poole, BH12 5AG.

All new RAAs and Sponsors are required to attend one of the training sessions, failure to do so will result in your smartcard RA/Sponsor position being removed. If you are an existing staff member undertaking one of these roles and would like to attend you are very welcome to come along.

For information on the training sessions please email

Smartcard System - CIS Videos and Quick Reference Documents

Short video demos have been made available for RAAs to view as a quick reference guide. They are all very short (between 1 and 4 minutes) so are ideal if you just need to brush up your skills in a particular area. To access this page you will need a password which is 'IAM123'. Further instructions on how to access these password protected videos are at the top of the page.

The following documents are Trifold quick reference documents on particular subjects in CIS. They are ideal to be printed and laminated for your desk, to remind you how to do something without having to refer to the full training notes.

CIS - Reporting Guide - Shows you an example of how to run reports within CIS

CIS - Directory - Document explaining who should use the documents below (RAA, Sponsor or Users)

CIS - Assign Access To User - Give a user a position for your site to give them access to your systems

CIS - Assisted Renewal of Certificates - Where an RAA helps a user renew their certificates

CIS - Batch Management - Only for RAM use - User can request batch updates from the RAM on the Smartcard Support Team at Dorset CCG.

CIS - Create Access Control Position - Create a new position that can be assigned to users at your site

CIS - Destroy/Cancel Smartcard - Cancel a Smartcard so it can no longer be used

CIS - Generate Report - How to generate reports on smartcard users

CIS - Issuing Smartcard - How to issue a Smartcard (only for Smartcard Support Team because a card printer is required)

CIS - Manage Requests - Shows how Smartcard Support Team manage requests in CIS

CIS - Register New User - How to request a Smartcard for a new user (where user has never had a card before)

CIS - Repair Smartcard Certificate - Equivalent to cancel card and re issue (can be used where Smartcard certificates have expired)

CIS - Search Directory - Can be used by all users to find a profile

CIS - Updating My Profile - Users can update their own profile for basic contact information and also to reset passwords

CIS - Verify a Users Identity - Help to check ID correctly when requesting a new card

CIS - Unlocking a Smartcard - How to unlock a Smartcard that has been locked by the user entering the password incorrectly

I work for Dorset Healthcare based in a GP Practice

See the DHC Intranet (needs a logon) or contact Tina Christopher, Registration Authority Coordinator, DHC:

Phone 01202 277166 or 07717468900