Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

Electronic Prescribing System

EPS2 enables prescriptions to be sent electronically from GP practices to a dispensary of the patient’s choice.

All GP practice clinical systems in the Dorset CCG are EPS2 Compatible (except EMIS LV).

All Pharmacies in Dorset are able to accept EPS Scripts.

EPS is effective and produces significant benefits for all practices including dispensing practices unless the percentage of patients dispensed to is very high.

Practices interested in implementing EPS2 should contact

National Status

Below is the HSCIC link with all National Information. There are sections for Pharmacies, Practices and Members of the Public.

Examples of useful information such as Printed hand outs, Posters, Nomination forms and National FAQ’s can be found on this site.

There is also an EPS news section/bulletin

Local Status

Table of Dorset CCG Practices both live and planned (as of 16/07/2015)

Useful Links

This is the link to the local LPC website which has useful information on EPS


The NHSBSA has a new “ask us” facility on their website in the EPS section

HSCIC help section with Factsheets, Guidance and FAQ

***Sign up to the EPS bulletin mailing list – using the following link: This will give you alerts in the case of any national system issues.


EPS2 developments

Controlled Drugs consultation. The CD consultation has now been completed. Government passed legislation to allow CDs to be included in EPS prescriptions. The system suppliers for the pharmacies and the GP practices are now updating the software to include these categories of drugs. This may take some time but you will be notified prior to CDs being included.

EPS Tracker (From 26thAugust 2014)

The EPS tracker is an extremely useful tool which should help pharmacies in the event that they cannot immediately see a prescription which has been sent via EPS. You will be able enter the NHS number for the patient and get the script bar codes that are outstanding for that patient. You can then enter the bar code into your system (where they normally scan in bar codes) and it will almost always find the missing script. This will save a lot of time and effort for pharmacies and also remove the need to chase the practice for tokens etc. The site for the eps tracker is. please note you will need to have your smartcard in before you access the site. The HSCIC website also has instructions on how to use the prescription tracker.


Preparation for EPS


To register your interest in implementing EPS at your practice you need to contact the EPS team by emailing

This will trigger a meeting at the practice where the team will go through all aspects of EPS preparation.

The documents below provide useful information for EPS preparation at a practice:

Kick off meeting for a TPP practice

Kick off meeting for an EMIS Web practice

Kick off meeting presentation

Practice guidance on pharmacy process for eps scripts

EPS tracker presentation document

EPS tracker factsheet

Preparation for GP Practices is in three main areas:


Most practices are already set up and ready with their smartcards. Contact the smartcard support team at if you are unsure

Patient Medication

In order for EPS to transfer medications to the Pharmacies in a consistent manner all medication has to be in a format understood by the pharmacy systems. This means that all medications have to be in DM&D (Dictionary of Medicines and Devices) format.

Most medications are in DM&D format but 2-3% will need to be converted from their current medication into one that is understood by DM&D.

All medications need to be units and not free text. Practices recently migrated from one clinical system supplier to a different clinical system may find that all medications in the repeat lists have been converted into free text and will need to be converted to units.

Dosage instructions should also be in the exact recognised format and not free text or abbreviations


Training is provided on site prior to EPS go live and additionally the EPS team will be present on the go live date to provide floor walking support for practice staff

The EPS project team will go through all preparation and processes with you at an EPS engagement meeting.

This document gives a more detailed set of instructions and tips to help with go live preparation.


Preparation for Pharmacies falls into four main categories namely:

Smartcards – Each pharmacy should ensure that they have enough staff with smartcards. There needs to be at least one person with a smartcard in the Pharmacy at all times. A smartcard is required to process Nominations and also to retrieve EPS2 Scripts from the Spine.

This link has all the information relating to Smartcards for Pharmacies.

System Training – To be able to process EPS2 scripts effectively you will need to undergo EPS training on your pharmacy system. This is usually provided by your system supplier or in the case of multiples by your head office training team. This can be face to face, online or using training manuals.

If you are not enabled for EPS your system supplier should be able to explain the process for you.

EPS2 Dispensing Tokens – You will need to order a supply of Dispensing Tokens. Details for Ordering Tokens can be found on the LPC website.

Nominations – When GP Practices in your area are implementing EPS2 you will need to ensure that you start the process of asking patients to nominate your pharmacy. You will need a supply of leaflets and maybe posters to put up in the pharmacy to explain EPS2 to patients. All these materials can be found on the HSCIC Website