Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

Equality objectives

In line with our Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED), we have reviewed and published our refreshed Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and our equality objectives.

In refreshing our strategy we engaged with staff and the public through the Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS 2) grading exercise held in October 2015 and has also been informed by the findings from the NHS Staff Survey Results 2015 and Workforce Race Equality Standards (WRES).

Our equality objectives have been mapped against the EDS 2 goals and can be seen below.

 1.  To engagement with our diverse communities ensuring their needs are taken into account when co-producing, designing and commissioning services  Goal 1: Better health outcomes
 2.  To ensure information is collected, collated and analysed therefore enabling a better understanding of diverse needs and the profiles of who is accessing services  Goal 2: Improved patients access and experience
 3.  To ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion is 'everybody's business' across the CCG.  Goal 3: Inclusive leadership
 4.  To continue to support and develop our workforce to maximise their potential through the promotion of equality of opportunity, in an environment free from bullying and harassment.  Goal 4: Representative and supported workforce