Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

Declarations of Interest

Pursuant to our values of openness and honesty, it is a requirement that all member practices of Dorset's Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Governing Body members, GPs who are paid to provide services to the CCG and all staff, declare any interests that they have which may conflict with the interests of the CCG itself.

Under the revised Statutory Guidance on Managing Conflicts of Interest for CCGs published in June 2017, CCGs were asked to appoint a Conflicts of Interest Guardian to further strengthen scrutiny and transparency of CCGs' decision-making processes. This role should be undertaken by the CCG's Audit Chair (provided they have no provider interests).  The role of the Conflicts of Interest Guardian is to act as a conduit for anyone with concerns relating to conflicts of interest; to be a safe point of contact for employees or workers of the CCG to raise concerns; to support the application of the principles and policies for managing conflicts, and to provide independent advice and judgement on managing conflicts of interest.  Teresa Hensman, Chair of the Audit and Quality Committee is the Conflicts of Interest Guardian for the Dorset CCG.

In line with the revised statutory guidance on managing conflicts of interest for CCGs, please follow the links below to the two Registers of Declarations of Interest as follows:-

Blank Declaration of Interest forms are located under Downloads.