Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

Primary Care

On 1 April 2016 local GPs took more control over how services are planned and bought as NHS Dorset CCG took delegated responsibility for primary care commissioning¹.

¹Primary care in this context means general practice and not the other three areas of primary care (Dentistry, Optometry and Pharmacy)

Delegated responsibility for primary care commissioning provides the CCG with the opportunity to have more local decision making, working closely with local partners to further improve out-of-hospital care and making local commissioning decisions based on the best outcomes for patients.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Development of clearer, more joined up vision for primary medical care, which is aligned to wider CCG plans for improving health services and care closer to home.
  • Increased local clinical leadership and public involvement in primary medical care commissioning, enabling more local decision making
  • Improved opportunities for GP practices to work together and with wider community teams.

Further information on the commissioning process along with declarations of interest from the NHS Dorset CCG Governing Body is available online at

Primary Care Clinical Leads  Dr Anu Dhir and Dr Claire Lehman

Head of Primary Care Rob Payne

Principal Primary Care Leads Ann Bond, Luna Hill, Janet Kearney

For further information or queries please contact the Primary Care Team 


The Primary Care Commissioning Strategy and the Dorset General Practice Forward View Delivery Plan have been developed to consider how primary care can remain sustainable to provide future services for the population of Dorset.   The next stage will see Practices in each Dorset locality working together with local people to develop a plan for what suits their community best.  The CCG has a clear engagement structure to support the delivery of this process.