Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

Planned and Specialist Care

The overall purpose of the Planned and Specialist Care Clinical Delivery Group is to:

  • Work with partners, including Local Authorities as joint commissioners, in developing joint commissioning intentions and subsequent delivery plans and service specifications that promote parity of esteem and support the ambitions of the Clinical Services Review.
  • Develop joint commissioning intentions and delivery plans collaboratively with partners to feed into the  'in acute' and 'out of acute' transformation boards to inform the CCG and Local Authorities’ commissioning strategies to deliver the models of care emanating from the Clinical Services Review.

Key Areas of Work:

Initial priorities for Planned and Specialist Care are:


  • Development of a Dorset rheumatology clinical network
  • Move appropriate rheumatology outpatients into the community
    Focus on inflammatory disease service provision
  • Any reorganisation agreed to complement and further enable the Dorset MSK strategy and the implementation of the Spinal Pain specification

 Radiology and Diagnostics

  • Develop a pan Dorset unified radiology platform for reporting and accessing images.
  • Develop a pan Dorset unified radiology and pathology platform for requesting and accessing results and reports.
  • Development of a Dorset radiology clinical network


  • Development of a Dorset Dermatology clinical network
  • Integrating acute and community models
  • Move appropriate dermatology outpatients into the community


  • Adapt cancer pathways to meet agreed performance targets
  • Continue to develop a Dorset Cancer clinical network
  • Continue to develop a single Dorset cancer service
  • Work towards delivering NICE guidelines Cancer 2015.

Clinical Lead
Dr Christian Verrinder

Deputy Director
Emma Seria-Walker

Head of work area
Cindy Shaw-Fletcher


For any further information or if you have any questions please contact Victoria Caddel, who supports the team, in the first instance.