Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group

Maternity Voices (Maternity Services Liaison Committee)



Who are Maternity Voices?


Maternity Voices is a way for maternity service providers and commissioners (who buy services for the local area) to hear the real opinions and experiences of parents using local maternity services, so maternity services can be improved for local women, parents and families across Dorset.


How can I contribute?


  • tells us about your views of local maternity services on our Facebook page and engage with view seeking activities or surveys at
  • keep an eye on this page for any current online surveys to complete about any recent experiences you have had using local maternity services
  • contact 
  • we may also attend existing local groups to engage and hear your stories and experiences
  • focus groups will be advertised when we are looking to reshape or change services so the voice of parent’s and families co-design services.  These will be advertised below, via our Facebook page or email. 


When is the next meeting?


Recent focus groups held were about shaping the design of Dorset’s first Maternity Labour Line, which is now due to commence in April 2016. 


Future dates will be posted here and Facebook as and when they are arranged.