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Plans to improve young people's emotional well-being

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Children and Young People’s Emotional Well-being and Mental Health Strategysets out the vision and principles for what support should be available to ensure young people’s emotional well-being and mental health.

The NHS Dorset CCG, Public Health Dorset, and the three local authorities (Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset) are working together to help children and young people across the whole of Dorset to be happy, resilient and less likely to suffer mental ill health.

We have listened to what children, young people, families and professionals have told us and, along with the recommendations made by the Government, have developed this proposed Strategy document.

Once this document has been finalised, we will be working with children, young people and their families as well as professionals and services to develop the detail about how we make things happen.

This will become our Implementation Plan for the Strategy and we will measure our progress against it. It is very important for us to know what actions you think needs to be included in this Plan (i.e. how we achieve our vision) and whether you would like to be involved in this work.

If you would like to be involved please email: