Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group


Dorset STP was chosen as one of seven sites that have been identified to pave the way for national roll-out of initiatives that deliver safer, more personalised care for all women and every baby, improve outcomes, and reduce inequalities and are crucial in delivering the objectives of the Maternity Transformation Programme.


For a brief overview of this project please watch the following video. 


We have good maternity services in Dorset however, we know there are things we can still do better. We are working to improve outcomes for mother and baby by providing better personalised care planning and improved postnatal care. We will support women to develop their care plans to ensure care is wrapped around them, meeting their needs, as well as the needs of their baby, partner and family. We will work with midwives, health visitors, GPs, community mental health teams and others to improve postnatal care for both mother and baby - in order to give women and their babies the best start in family life.


We want the views of people with experience of maternity care in Dorset - whether you are a mum or dad/partner. We would like feedback from you on the service you are currently receiving, or have received in the last 5 years.


We are also holding a series of workshops in July 2017. Come and share your views in a fun and creative way.



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