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NHS England Assessment of CCG Performance


NHS England updated the Improvement and Assessment Framework for CCGs (CCG IAF) in November 2017.  The IAF replaces both the CCG Assurance Framework and CCG performance dashboard. In the Government’s Mandate to NHS England, this new framework takes an enhanced and more central place in the overall arrangements for public accountability of the NHS. 

The new framework covers indicators located in four domains, which are:

  • Better Health: this section looks at how the CCG is contributing towards improving the health and wellbeing of its population, and bending the demand curve;
  • Better Care: this principally focuses on care redesign, performance of constitutional standards, and outcomes, including important clinical areas;
  • Sustainability: this section looks at how the CCG is remaining in financial balance, and is securing good value for patients and the public from the money it spends;
  • Leadership: this domain assesses the quality of the CCG’s leadership, the quality of its plans, how the CCG works with its partners, and the governance arrangements that the CCG has in place to ensure it acts with probity, for example in managing conflicts of interest.

More information against the indicators can be seen by clicking on the year banner below and also on the MyNHS website.  Information on previous year's performance, which was assessed under a different framework for 2014/15 and 2015/16, can also be found below.

Additional information will be added when it is made available.


The Improvement and Assessment Framework was updated in November 2017 with a total of 51 of indicators.

The published quarter 1 position can be seen below.

   Quarter 1
 In-year financial performance  Amber
 Quality of CCG leadership  Green



The table below shows NHS Dorset CCG's assessment for the year ending 2016/17 . 


In-year Assessment

2016/17 Year End Assessment 




Well-led: Quality of leadership



Sustainability: Financial plan



Better Care:




Needs improvement 


Mental health

Top performing

 Requires improvement

Learning disability

Needs improvement


Performing well



Needs improvement


Better Health:




 Needs improvement


Possible categories for clinical priority areas for 2017 are: 

  • Outstanding

  • Good

  • Requires improvement

  • Inadequate

As part of the assurance process a 360o stakeholder survey is undertaken by NHS England on behalf of CCGs via Ipsos MORI.  The survey took place from 16 January to 28 February 2017. The full report can be viewed here


The CCG assurance domains have been redefined from the previous year, and for 2015/16 are as follows:

  • Domain 1: Well-led organisation
  • Domain 2: Performance
  • Domain 3: Financial management
  • Domain 4: Planning
  • Domain 5: Delegated functions

NHS Dorset CCG Performance

The table below shows NHS Dorset CCG's assessment against the assurance domains for the year.

NHS England (Wessex) has given an assurance categorisation to NHS Dorset CCG as ‘assured as good’ for all five domains with an overall rating as ‘assured as good’.  This assessment was  subject to local, regional and national moderation.  Year-end outcomes from the CCG Assessment Framework 2015/16 for all CCGs are available at:



Domain 1

Assured as good

Domain 2

Assured as good

Domain 3

Assured as good

Domain 4

Assured as good

Domain 5

Assured as good


Possible Assurance Categories

Assured as outstanding

Assured as good

Limited assurance, requires improvement

Not assured

As part of the assurance process a 360o stakeholder survey is undertaken by NHS England on behalf of CCGs via Ipsos MORI. The full report can be viewed here.


The assurance headline for 2014/15 was Assured with Support.

The six CCG assurance domains for 2014/15 were:

  • Domain 1: are patients receiving clinically commissioned, high quality services?
  • Domain 2: are patients and the public actively engaged and involved?
  • Domain 3: are CCG plans delivering better outcomes for patients?
  • Domain 4: does the CCG have robust governance arrangements in place?
  • Domain 5: are CCGs working in partnership with others?
  • Domain 6: does the CCG have strong and robust leadership?

NHS Dorset CCG Performance

The table below identifies NHS Dorset CCG performance against the assurance domains.

 Domain      2014/15
 Quarter 1  Quarter 2  Quarter 3 Quarter 4 
 Domain 1  Assured with Support  Assured  Assured  Assured
 Domain 2  Assured with Support  Assured  Assured  Assured
 Domain 3  Assured with Support  Assured with Support  Assured with Support  Assured with Support
 Domain 4  Assured with Support  Assured  Assured  Assured
 Domain 5  Assured  Assured  Assured  Assured with Support
 Domain 6  Assured with Support  Assured  Assured  Assured

 Assurance Categories

 Assured with Support
 Not Assured - intervention required


As part of the assurance process a 360 stakeholder survey was undertaken in 2015 and the full report can be viewed here.